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Case Studies

The following case studies demonstrate Research Solutions Consulting's commitment to solving research problems.

Problem: Budget error on SBIR application

Risk: Not recovering all F&A costs

University faculty member with a spin-out company was so accustomed to dealing with industry under university policy that he put down only 25% F&A costs on a Phase1 NIH SBIR grant application. He also forgot to include the 7% fee. Research Solutions Consulting indicated that up to 40% F&A costs are allowed on NIH SBIR applications and up to a 7% fee (company profit) is also allowed. Research Solutions Consulting corrected the budget and the budget justification for the client prior to submission. The client has subsequently received a potentially fundable score. We are waiting to receive an award notice. Research Solutions will help the company set up their accounting system and apply for an SBIR Phase 2 grant.

Problem: Export of a “demo” for a product held up

Risk: Losing export privileges for product shipments

The client needed to apply for a determination of the ECCN number from the Department of Commerce for their product. This application would enable them to determine if they needed an export license to export their product to numerous third world countries. The client had attempted to apply for this determination but they had run into numerous problems. Research Solutions Consulting was able to apply as a third party for the client and received a determination within 2 weeks that the product did not require an export license. The company is free to ship demo products and will start international shipments soon. Research Solutions Consulting continues to expand the client’s export control management plan and to refine their Standard Operating Procedures.

Problem: SBIR grant submission

Risk: Not have grant application accepted

The authorized organizational representative was not named in the system. Therefore, the grant was not accepted when it was submitted the first time at 4:07pm for a 5 pm deadline. The client was delayed in submitting because consultants were added the day before and the research design was changed. The grant was finally submitted at 5:40pm, forty minutes after the deadline. Research Solutions Consulting contacted the NIH program director immediately and explained the situation. NIH pulled the application through the system. Research Solutions Consulting corrected the errors and warnings and the grant is now awaiting review and scoring by the agency.

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